Wednesday, 30 January 2013

PLP6 pouch finished

I finished off my pouch for the Pretty Little Pouch 6 swap.

Here are some photos of it.  I sewed some buttons to the centre of the hexagons and did some outline quilting around the shapes.  The back is Echino fabric which my partner likes.  I used a paw print fabric for the lining and some white ribbon and bell flower beads for the zipper pull.   My partner likes bright colours as well so I hope I've made something that she will like. I used Kelby Sew's tutorial which is quite easy to follow.  This is my second time to use this tutorial and I think I'm improving each time.

I've signed up for a sew along on flick for the Triple Zip Pouch.
I'm going to have to invest in some zips now so will have to do a bit of a search online to see if I can find some really nice zips.

This Friday, 1st of February, is Friday Night With Friends.  Why not sign up over at Cheryl's blog.

Only one day left in January and I have one thing left on my to do list, a top for myself.  I hope to have this cut out tomorrow and that will mean I've finished all I wanted to do in January.


  1. What a sweet pouch Linda. I'm sure your partner will love it.

  2. That pouch is gorgeous! And yay for you ticking off that list!

  3. V.cute Linda. Love the buttons too! I'm sure you're partner will love it! Jxo

  4. Linda! I LOVE your pouch!! I'm sure your partner will love it! I had to sit that swap out, darn it. But I'm glad you're also doing the Triple Zip pouch. I just got mine done last night. I have no doubt your partner is going to love this pouch. I did a wonderful job!

  5. What a neat pouch! Your partner is going to love it, I'm sure. Congrats on meeting your January goals :-)
    Best wishes on your hunt for neat zips,