Wednesday, 30 January 2013

PLP6 pouch finished

I finished off my pouch for the Pretty Little Pouch 6 swap.

Here are some photos of it.  I sewed some buttons to the centre of the hexagons and did some outline quilting around the shapes.  The back is Echino fabric which my partner likes.  I used a paw print fabric for the lining and some white ribbon and bell flower beads for the zipper pull.   My partner likes bright colours as well so I hope I've made something that she will like. I used Kelby Sew's tutorial which is quite easy to follow.  This is my second time to use this tutorial and I think I'm improving each time.

I've signed up for a sew along on flick for the Triple Zip Pouch.
I'm going to have to invest in some zips now so will have to do a bit of a search online to see if I can find some really nice zips.

This Friday, 1st of February, is Friday Night With Friends.  Why not sign up over at Cheryl's blog.

Only one day left in January and I have one thing left on my to do list, a top for myself.  I hope to have this cut out tomorrow and that will mean I've finished all I wanted to do in January.

Monday, 28 January 2013

Works so far

I've managed to get one thing finished and another started as well as getting the sitting room 95% finished.

I was in a mug rug swap on The Quilting Board.
Here is the mug rug I received from Nelco.  I love the shape of it and will enjoy using the lovely teas she sent me.

Here is the front and back of the mug rug I made for my partner.  She likes yellow so I hope this is cheerful enough.  I used wool (a fancy knitting yarn) around the edges and zig-zagged over it.

I also got my partner's name for the Pretty Little Pouch Swap No. 6.  I decided that I would sketch my idea out after seeing her mosaic of what she likes.  I went with the following.  The first one will be the front using a grey/linen for the background, bright hexagon flowers, stitched lines and fabric leaves.  Not sure about the fabric leaves yet.
The next photo will be the back of the pouch using echino fabrics with four horizontal strips at the top and six vertical strips at the bottom.

Here is my progress so far.

I'm stitching each line in a different stitch.  The orange is chain stitch, the blue is stem stitch, green is backstitch and the red is two different tones of red in running stitch.  The fabrics will be the ones I'll use for the hexagons.  I have some lovely echino 10 inch squares which I bought so I will choose which ones to use for the other side.  I have to go through my "magic drawer" which has buttons, threads, zips etc.  to pick out a zip and I also have to decide on the lining fabric.  Not a bad start.

That leaves me with only one thing left on my January list of to do things.  Only four days left, will have to get a move on.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Monday, 14 January 2013

January to do list

I've a list of things to make this January.

1.  Make two crazy blocks in blues for group charity quilt.

2.  Make two Bee Blessed Ladder Strip blocks to send to Just Jude

3.  Make at least four more of NYB (New York Beauty) scrappy blocks.

4.  Start on Pretty Pouch swap when I get my swap buddy's details.

5.  Start on one dressmaking item for myself.

So far I've managed the following

1.  Two crazy blocks finished.  I just have to trim them down.
2.  Two Bee Blessed blocks made.  Here is one of them.

3.  Two more NYB blocks finished.  I now have 9 blocks made.  Three more to go and then see what I am going to do with them.  I have a couple of ideas but will wait to see.

4.  I will get my Pretty Pouch swap buddy's details around the 23rd of January so until I know what she wants I can't get started.

5.  I have a pattern and fabric picked out to make a top for myself.  As soon as I get my other two NYB blocks finished for this month I will cut it out.

For me that is not a bad going.  If I can keep on track then I will be very happy at the end of the month.

Workwise this is a busy month for me (end of year reports, start of new tax year and first payroll run of 2013).  Hubby also decided that he was not too busy (he is a market gardener/horticulturist, that's a posh way of saying he and his family grow vegetables and herbs) so he is redecorating our sitting room.   This involved moving everything except the sofas out of the room so the hall and every other room is now full of stuff.  I've bought the paint, new curtains, curtain poles, light fittings etc.  He has filled in holes and cracks in the walls, sanded, painted the ceiling and drilled for the new light fittings.  He's hoping to make a start on painting the walls today which will need two coats (as he lights the fire everyday the soot on the walls was quite bad and no amount of washing would take it all off).  Hopefully by Sunday we might have our sitting room back.  Tilly and Fudge (cat and dog) will be happy as their favourite sleeping area is out of bounds.  Fudge is getting bigger all the time.
Here he is getting a belly and chest rub (which he loves) from my oldest daughter.  He really is just a big baby.  You might spy a quilt in the bottom right of the photo.  This is the first quilt I made at the classes I went to in 2002.  Lisa loved purple then so it is an all purple sampler quilt.  I hand quilted it and lets say my stitches are all different sizes but it has lasted well and she still loves to snuggle up under it.

Hope you all had a great weekend.  Best wishes.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Where has the time gone?

It's been so long since I did a blog post.  Life dealt a few unexpected cards (my dad was quite ill in hospital but is now improving greatly having been fitted with a pacemaker, youngest daughter developed a mystery rash which doctors couldn't diagnose, eldest daughter had mystery headaches which turned out to be tension and pressure headaches and then caught the Norovirus).  Time just seemed to slip away.  Thankfully we have started the New Year with everyone being well.

I received a wonderful package from Chris who was my partner in Mrs Martins Christmas Angel Swap.  The North Pole Delivery was embroidered and taped onto the box she sent the goodies in.  She sent some beautifully embroidered felt items which I love.  Her work is so neat and really very beautiful.  She also sent some lovely Swiss chocolate.  I am very lucky to have had her as a swap partner as I was late sending my goodies to her because of my family's health problems.

I also received the a lovely bag and scraps from Tanya in the Scrappy Swap on flickr.

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas.  My two girls bought me a wonderful new camera so I've no excuse not to take some great photos now.  I was sick just before Christmas and they surprised me by decorating the Christmas tree as I hadn't had a chance to do it visiting the hospital.  I think they did a good job.

Fudge enjoyed his first Christmas with us.  Here he is with his Santa Paws bandana on. He's quite the handsome fellow now.
Tilly was in the wars over Christmas.  We had to take her to the vet as she had two large bites on her leg which had swollen up.  She couldn't jump up on her favourite chair so instead she settled for being on a nice quilt on the floor.
I am joining the Friday Night with Friends which Cheryl is running.  Why not join in.  My quilt group are making a crazy patch quilt in blue which we are going to auction for charity so I am hoping to get my two blocks for it sewn on Friday.

I'm going to make up a list of sewing/quilting things I hope to accomplish in 2013 and will post it over the weekend.  One of my hopes is to be better organised and to make more regular blog posts.

Best wishes everyone for 2013.