Saturday, 21 December 2013

Santa's Secret Soiree

I took part in Colorado Lady's SSS (Santa's Secret Soiree).

I sent my goodies away (I was a bit late due to everyone in the house being sick, it was the worst flu we've ever had).

A wonderful parcel arrived with some fab goodies (I know I'm not supposed to open them yet but I had a little sneak peak).  I don't know who my Santa is (they haven't put their name in) but I want to say thank you to them.

Above is a photo of the wonderful package.  I am going to open the goodies on Christmas Day and will put a photo up of what wonderful things I received.

We've have some terrible storms here over the last few days and our electricity has been off for a couple of days so I haven't been able to get onto the computer until now.  They're predicting more bad weather for the rest of the weekend and next week so Santa might get blown away with the strong winds.

Hoping you all have a wonderful weekend before the big day.


  1. Wow - you really did have a SECRET Santa. Have fun opening your goodies, and stay safe and cozy!

  2. wow what wonderful goodies there Linda and how tempting are those parcels.xx

  3. Ooooh what lovely packages! I'm sure you'll both enjoy opening them!

  4. Nice gifts,merry christmas for you and your family hugs