Monday, 19 November 2012


It was Friday Night Sew in.  I was going to a play on Friday night so didn't have much time to do any sewing but I did manage to nearly finish another New York Beauty.
Here are my blocks so far.
As you can see Fudge was very interested in them.  He has commandeered one of my old quilts as his own for lying on when he is in the house and I think he might feel that this new quilt is his.

I also managed to make a felt christmas ornament but as it's for a swap and my partner might be reading this I can't show it to you until later on.

I'm also showing some photos of our weekend away at Brooklodge in Aughrim.
 This is a little private church where you can have a ceremony with family.
 This reminds me of the style of house from Gone with the Wind
 The pub (where we enjoyed a drink or two)
 This is the back of the hotel
 The old pump and trough.  They also had an old telephone box.
This is the little bridge over the stream to the church.
It was a lovely relaxing weekend away and I would go back again.

Here are some recent photos of Fudge.  As you can see he is getting bigger by the day.  He has taken this as his favourite chair (hubby is politely pushed off it if he tries to sit down)
 This is Fudge with our neighbours kitten Toby.  Toby will fillow him around outside and the two play chasing all the time.  If Fudge doesn't turn around at the door Toby will continue to cry until he does.
That's it for now.  Hope you all had a great weekend and for all those in the US I hope you had a great thanksgiving weekend.
Best wishes



  1. lovely pics linda.xx

  2. He's getting so big! Love the brooklodge photo's :)

  3. Fudge is so cute! And I LOVE your New York block. I have yet to try that one. I missed FNSI this month, darn it! I love your weekend get away photo's. They are beautiful!