Monday, 22 October 2012


I've been busy making items for several swaps I'm in (over ambitious again) and looking after Fudge
 This is him asleep in the back of the car after getting one of his shots.
Here he is with Lisa.  He loves a lap to snuggle on.  He's gotten a lot bigger and cheekier.  No shoe is safe.  He knows where the press is with his food and will sit in front of it barking until someone feeds him.  We have to wait another two weeks before he can go for a walk so at the moment we can only walk him around the house.  He makes his own excersise by running around the hall and sunroom like a mad thing.  He goes so fast that he can't stop and slides around the corners.

This is the bag I've sent to Michell in the black and white bag swap.
 This is the front of the bag.  The bottom section is a row of pockets.
 The inside has a wide row of pockets at the bottom on one side and three smaller pockets nearer to the top on the other side.
 This is the back of the bag.  I really like the fabrics in it (which I picked up at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham in August).

The second swap was a fabric cuff swap.  This is one of the cuffs I've made.  As I'm not sure of my partner's wrist size I've used velcro (thaty're the black circles on the left) so that she can move them to where she needs them to be).  I won't show the other one in case she looks in so it will be a surprise.
 It's mid-term break here next week for the schools and I have a couple of days off so I have to finish off
(1)  a four block (12 inches each) wall hanging (for a swap)
(2)  a hoop-la (an embroidery hoop enclosing a fabric circle) again for another swap
(3)  some surprise items for some people (NOT for a swap)
(4)  a scrappy surprise (for another swap)
(5)  some christmas (yes I did use that word) gifts for a swap.

I also bought the makings of a coat which I hope to get a start on.  I reckon if I can get one thing done each day I should get quite a bit done.

It's also the Knitting and Stitching show here in Dublin from the 1st to the 4th November.  I don't know yet which day I'll get to it but I'll be there eyeing up everything and wishing I had it all.


  1. so makes me want a puppy...until I see comments about shoes :)

  2. Your bag looks great.
    And I love your puppy. So cute.
    Liebe Grüße Grit

  3. Fudge is so cute and love your bag it s gorgeous,you have been very busy Linda.xx

  4. Fudge is adorable - puppies are awesome! Great bag and go you with all your projects!