Thursday, 1 September 2011

Small Blog

I've joined the small blog link at Lily's quilts today.
I have 18 followers.  I started blogging in May and was amazed that I got any followers.
My daughter is shocked that I can do a blog (I admit it's not a fantastic one, I find it hard to get links to work and copy buttons).
I've met some lovely people through the blogs and love reading what they are up to.


  1. I think you have a very nice blog! One of the reasons I started my own blog was just for the experience of learning how to do it. You even have tickers! I need to add one to my blog. Keep on blogging.....

  2. Hey Linda, I like your blog too!! My husband feels like your daughter. :) He is shocked that I not only have a blog , but I seem to be taking good care of it :):) I have met wonderful people. All over the world. I went to the hexagon blog too!! WoW!! I might have to join that too!! :):) Thanks for coming by and following me. Back at ya Baby :):) Hugs Sandie

  3. Hello Linda. I've come here from Lily's and I look forward to following your blog.

  4. My sons are amazed that I have a blog too ;-) What they don't realize is that it's just a lot of fun to meet creative people from all over the world! And quilters tend to be the nicest people one could meet....Blog on!!