Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Sewing MoJo

It's been a long time since I put anything up on my blog.
Life seemed to get in the way of me doing things that I liked to do.
Now with the Covid-19 restrictions, even though I am working from home,  I have been able to get back into sewing and decided that i would get back into documenting my creations.

This is a small mini quilt I made for my daughter's friend who has been very good to her.  She loved it and has put it on the back of her chair in her bedroom.
This was a paper pieced block called Rainbow Jacks from
I was able to use up some scraps for the colours.  I did some straight line quilting (still not great at it).

I think I might have gotten my sewing mojo back.

Hope you're all keeping safe.


  1. So nice to see you back! I hope to see more down the road. I am finding these days, though there is more at home time, there are more interruptions in my days, and though the computer is noce to keep up with my kids, all kinds of meetings are popping up until I feel like I am running in many directions at once. It's hard to remember what I was doing an hour before!

  2. Beautiful block. It looks like you did a nice job on it.

  3. Beautiful block and mini quilt.

  4. Love the colours in the block... xox

  5. Welcome back to blogging! Beautiful project and it sounds like it was well received. Love the way the colors play together in the block.

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